Alexa – I have sinned

My first coffee of the morning is always an important time of day for me. That brief five minutes when the house is quiet, the daylight streams through the windows of the kitchen and I can sit in peace - enjoying the transition from dozy stumbling to wakefulness. This morning I sat at the kitchen... Continue Reading →

Israel – Innovation Nation 

Tel Aviv is an incredible city – perched on the edge of a beautiful strip of the Mediterranean Sea. When you look down the sea front you could be forgiven for thinking that you are in Copa Cabana or Miami Beach. All the major hotel chains are here, cheek to jowl along the sand. Look... Continue Reading →

Knowing me better through meta

I was shopping online this week for an item that cost less than £3. As you can likely infer, this wasn’t the most strategic or important purchase I have made recently. It was a tiny piece of climbing hardware known as a ‘bolt hanger’ that I wanted to use in my garage to practice setting... Continue Reading →

R&D ain’t just for the big guys…

I work for what many would consider a 'small' technology company.  When you compare us to the likes of Google and Apple, we're a minnow swimming in the larger technology pond. And yet what we do for the UK and our global clients is considerably more important than our diminutive stature might imply. We sit... Continue Reading →

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