I’m a technologist – fascinated by the potential that the internet and technology brings to how we live our lives and run our businesses. I work as the CTO for Nominet – the organisation that manages and runs the Domain Name System behind the 10.5 million .uk domains and provides registry and technology services to over 40 generic top level domains, UK government and large global enterprises.

My job has given me the privilege of working with some fascinating people on amazing technology and business challenges, whether it’s connecting millions of people to their chosen website or sniffing out cyber crime in the trillions of DNS queries that pass through the UK domain name system every year. We’ve worked on bringing connectivity to the remotest parts of the UK and to the tiniest of devices in our homes. Along the way we’ve learned a whole heap of things about how we relate to the internet and the challenges we’ll all be facing as this technology develops.

This blog is a collection of articles and thoughts on that journey that I hope you’ll find useful and maybe thought provoking too. All opinions here are my own and not that of my employer (although we frequently agree on most of them fortunately…!).

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